Mindful Sexuality

Mindful Sexuality

I dissect the self and sexuality through a futuristic lens, in which people of all identities are able to talk about themselves as sexual beings, positively, with confidence and awareness.

How could reproductive health services and sexuality education be redefined to support people of all identities? Recognizing an overwhelming focus on disease prevention with little context of historical, race and media analysis, I work to identify and supplement the gaps in current models.

I believe that we have a right to (re)connect with our world on our terms. I also believe that we have a right to access education that helps to guide us as we redefine these terms. In order to transcend past limiting boxes and heal from individual and collective trauma, we must understand the history of sexual oppression in our communities, identify our family’s expectations and take inventory of our unique values and beliefs.

My goal is to curate spaces of collective learning for those seeking to explore the space inside, heal and stretch past the archetypes we’ve been placed into by our worlds.

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