Let’s work together!

I would love to hear about what you are doing and connect on projects. You can reach me at my email lila.arnaud@gmail.com

Below you can check out my work interests.

I AM. writer. educator. doula. activist. facilitator. health coach. I bring my experience as a public health practitioner and a conscious citizen to my freelance practice.

All of my conscious life and energies…dedicated to the liberation of the human mind and spirit

In service through:

  • Public speaking
  • Creative writing and story telling
  • Facilitating group processes
  • Curating safe spaces for collective learning processes
  • Facilitating health education classes for families
  • Training health professionals
  • Developing, monitoring and evaluating health programs and curriculums
  • Writing grants for Community Based programs
  • Building capacity and professional development training for work place teams
  • Facilitating strategic planning and development for community-based programs
  • Brainstorming and developing outreach strategies and media campaigns

Topics of interest:

  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Parents and Families as primary Educators
  • Sexuality Education for families and communities
  • Nutrition and honoring family traditions in the kitchen
  • Mindfulness and Meditation, the Mind-body connections
  • Advocacy, social organizing and activism
  • Design Thinking- Innovation in the social justice movement
  • Capturing and representing information through creative tools- Mind Mapping, Story telling and Creative Writing

My intention through my practice is to:

  • Create and support safe circles for collective learning and the generating of creative solutions
  • Pull from the wisdom and creative energy in facilitated spaces
  • Support people as they give birth to their ideas from a place of agency and empowerment

I am a Creator and a Teacher. I am excited by the potential I see in people and make it my goal as a facilitator to encourage a person’s growth. I facilitate conversations with empathy and curiosity, using teaching pedagogy and behavior change theory, tailoring the educational experience to the individual.

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